11×24 Inch Canvas Kit

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Complete 11×24 Canvas Kit that includes the following

  • 2-11″ Poplar stretcher bars
  • 2-24″ Poplar stretcher bars
  • 15×28″ Primed 8 oz canvas
    • 35 $
      (save $10.00 off individual art supplies) Kit includes: 16" x 20" canvas, (4) poplar wood stretcher bars, 5 pack of 4oz, non-toxic Primary Color Tempera Paints, pack of 10 artist quality paint brushes, 2 foam paint brushes, 2 paint palettes, Colorsaurus color wheel and bottle of Bristle Magic paintbrush cleaner
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Product Description

The 11×24 inch Canvas Kit comes with all parts needed to create a artists’ quality 11×24 inch Canvas.  Required tools.  Light duty staple gun with 1/4″-1/2″ staples and a pair of canvas pliers. (regular pliers will do but careful not to rip the canvas with potential sharp edges).

15″ x 28″ 8 ounce 100 % Cotton duck Primed version comes double acrylic primed – acid free Good quality canvas with high elasticity so that it will remain taut. Suitable for Oil, Acrylic, Alkyd paints….

2-11″ and 2-24″ stretcher bars  Made from hybrid poplar, which is a hard wood. Most stretcher bars on the market are made of soft woods such as pine and fir. Because of higher water content and lower density, soft woods are susceptible to warping. Soft woods grow faster than hard woods and often have indented knots that hard woods do not have. The wood we use is ecologically friendly. We use only locally harvested wood that has been cut following the guidelines set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative. No finger joints. Made of solid pieces of wood. Tongue and groove ends allow for quick and easy assembling. Bars fit right together with no need for glue, staples, or screws. We recommend using a rubber mallet to gently assemble. Slots in stretcher bars starting at 30” allow for easy to put in cross bars that require no glue, nails, or screws. ¾” deep (depth is how far they hang off wall) and 1 ⅝” wide. Contain a very well beveled and defined lip. Important factor that makes us different than many cheap bars on the market! A well beveled lip allows for minimum contact with canvas so there is no shadow; a well beveled lip allows for a tightly stretched canvas with neat, definitive edges. If a stretcher bar has a sharp edge, it runs the risk of creating cracking and tearing in the canvas over time.  100% manufactured in the USA.


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